Diary of a piss cake fucker

I’ve recently given one of My turds the task of providing Me with his thoughts and feelings about our adventures together. He’s kinda new so I wanted him to start a record of how he was feeling when we first met and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Chapter Eight – Mistress Graves, just wants to have fun


“i simply don’t know where to start with this blog.”

“So normally i tend to jot a few thoughts, feelings and ideas down, which helps form some kind of structure, by then i usually have a theme and direction to my blogs/essays. i then usually run with it and see what comes out and try not to over edit. Which, i hope, creates a picture and feeling of my ongoing journey with Mistress Scarlet Graves.”


“i must admit my first few notes, of my thoughts and feelings of my last meeting, we’re like the ramblings of a mad man and it’s taken me a while to unravel but i digress.”

“The first issue i must address and apologise for is my tardiness of being late, train delays and that fateful “i’ll just stop outside the station you want for the next thousand minutes” but this is no excuse. i shall endeavour to catch the earlier train and wait with plenty of time to spare, as it is better i wait than Miss Scarlet. While i feel i could almost write an essay about those 5 minutes of running late, i was punished accordingly and have learnt from my mistake.

“i wasn’t sure what was in store for me, our third meeting and this was definitely the most excited i have ever been.”

“Mistress Scarlet Graves is always so welcoming when i arrive and we have a catch up about our week and discuss things openly. it’s always a great start to O/our time ahead.”

“Mistress Scarlet Graves decided it was arts and crafts time, an idea she had discussed previously but nothing was genuinely going to prepare me for this. My eyes widened as i entered her chambers and saw her meticulous planning. Mistress was ready for some fun, i was nervous and excited but felt prepared and eager to serve.”

“Mistress Scarlet Graves has always discussed using me as a canvas and painting me, i adore her artistic talent (something that has always helped spark the Graves in me). So it felt an honour, not only to serve Her but to be a piece of Her art work.”

“What followed was probably one of the Dominant, submissive, creative, filthy, humiliating, side splittingly funny, frustrating, mind twisting and Most erotic adventure i’ve ever been on.”

“So i was the canvas, complete with some meticulously planned props. What was the medium?”

“Paint (blue) – Yes

Water – No

Mistress Scarlet Graves Nectar – Yes

Water – No

Mistress Scarlet Graves Spit, served up in a manor of ways – Yes

Water – No

my nasty little forced cum – Yes

Water – No

A piss, paint, spit and cum paste (no water)

“To see the enjoyment and fun Mistress Scarlet Graves was having just drove me on, that look in her eyes and the resignation of “oh i’m fucked” in mine. She bounced me around Her chambers like it was the most natural thing in the World. The smiles and the enjoyment Mistress shared, mixed with the crippling submission. i didn’t know which was up and which way was down and four days on i still don’t.”

“Once Miss had finished her Masterpiece, i was at her mercy, mocked, laughed at, my ass violated and bullied. i couldn’t get enough, as Mistress says i really am a little freak. We then started our photo shoot, the excitement in the air fuelled by Mistress Scarlet Graves’ enthusiasm for Her new creation was just driving me deeper and deeper into submission.”

“Mistress skilfully got me into in to various poses which i threw myself into but there were moments (between U/us laughing) of pure frustration as i couldn’t seem to throw the facial expressions Mistress wanted. My face twitching as i tried to relax my face, pout, and look demure.”

“face Mistress, eyes down, stop looking so serious”

“i must have looked like a smurf in the World gurning championships, i let out in a whimper of i’m trying really hard Mistress Scarlet Graves and as Mistress laughed hard She simply replied “actually I think it’s just the way I’ve painted your face!”

“i was completely lost in Her World”

“Thank You Mistress Scarlet Graves for being You.”