Diary of a piss cake fucker

I’ve recently given one of My turds the task of providing Me with his thoughts and feelings about our adventures together. He’s kinda new so I wanted him to start a record of how he was feeling when we first met and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Chapter five – Getting Ready


“Fifth week of chastity and it’s funny how a week makes such a difference. In my experience the first week of chastity is always a novelty, then the hard yards set in and its frustrating mornings, uncomfortable moments and being a dripping horny mess even in the most vanilla of situations. Plus only Mistress and i know.”

“Then you hit realisation, a calm and an acceptance. This is what happened to me this week…”

“When this stage hits it gives me a focus so strong, it makes the struggle all worth while and while those struggling months you are focused it’s nothing once you accept Who is in control, Who is slowly chipping away and taking you over.

“This came at a great time and i’m sure Mistress knew this, we were to meet at the end of the week and Mistress wanted to meet charlotte my crossdressing self but more of that in my next blog.”

“my week was spent getting ready, soaking my wig as Mistress instructed and getting my outfit ready for Her. i was meticulous all week, dress hung so not to crease, brought new French knickers to go with my frilly petticoat (i know Mistress loves Her frills), pantyhose and a new bra for my breast forms. i was prepared.”

“The evening before, i shaved closely and trimmed other areas i washed and cleaned myself knowing i would do the same in the morning. i wanted to be at my best, i needed to be at my best because Mistress deserves the best.”

“i wanted an early night, i had a lot to sort in the morning so pillow humped and a fresh spray of perfume in my bed i drifted off in a haze of excitement and the warmth.”

“i woke in the morning and got my outfit ready, waiting to pack until the last minute still remembering not to crease my outfit as i had spent so much time getting ready. So it was time to douche, i hadn’t cleaned properly last time me and Mistress met so i was determined to get this right. i douched three times on the morning of her meet, drinking Actamol after each douche to replace the bacteria in my stomach. i ate and took on plenty of water before showering one last time…”

“When i showered i thought should i shave my legs, surely charlottle shaves her legs, i decided not too but did give my under arms a shave/trim as i was wearing a short sleeve dress.”

“Was this right decision? Only time will tell. i love the ritualistic nature of getting ready for my Mistress, being conditioned by Her and i only hope this pleases Her.”

“Thank You Mistress for being You.”