Diary of a piss cake fucker

I’ve recently given one of My turds the task of providing Me with his thoughts and feelings about our adventures together. He’s kinda new so I wanted him to start a record of how he was feeling when we first met and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Chapter Four – Fourth Week of Chastity


“At the time of writing this i am now 7 hours into my fourth week of chastity, the week just gone has been a struggle.  Constantly horny, frustrated and my mind awash with thoughts of my wonderful Mistress.”

“As always Mistress has been meticulous in Her approach and guided me well through my development into hopeful ownership, while i’ve a long way to go i feel if i listen to Mistress’ instruction and learn from Her guidance, there’s hope for me yet.”

“Aside from this, Mistress has quickly learnt how to deal with me over the last three weeks.  Creeping under my skin and into my mind, my chastity routine has become part of my daily life. Just in case i need a reminder or just for the hell of it Mistress is there to show in no certain terms who is Boss”

“Just the sound of Her voice, especially Her laugh turns my cage into a combustion engine of pressure, worry that it might fly off across the room.  Sometimes it’s unbearable but i can’t help but feel the warm glow of Her control and it’s all i need.”

“i woke up one morning this week and as i was coming around from my slumber, i suddenly realised i was humping my mattress.  The mornings are always difficult waking up aroused in my cage but this was another level. i could feel myself blushing as i could hear Mistress in my head laughing at me.  i think the term morning glory should now be called …”

“Mistresses’ Triumphant Morning Glory.”

“As the week has gone by in a haze of frustration and relinquished control, Mistress very kindly (thank You Mistress) placed me under consideration.  As mentioned earlier i still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but i know in my heart i want to be committed to Her and give Her my all because this is what she deserves.”

“Last night i was honoured to speak with Mistress via cam.”

“W/we talked, She teased and tormented me it was excruciating and frustrating but i was enchanted by Her wonder.  I looked down on Her cock and the only way i can describe what i saw was that the pressure in the cage was forcing Her cocks foreskin through the pee hole like meat through a mincing machine.”

“Before W/we parted ways i was given some tasks to complete.”

“Firstly i was allowed some ass play but Mistress warned if i came it would earn me more thrashings (on top of my current punishment points).  I barely lasted two minutes before i had to stop, desperate and dribbling but the only thought on my mind was to please my Mistress.  The worst part was when i did stop, the butt plug sitting in my ass was just enough to keep me agonisingly close to the edge but not enough to push me over.”

“My other two tasks are simple but i know in my heart are going to push me hard over the next few days and months or maybe years. i’m in Mistress’ World now.  i have to purchase a bottle of Mistress’ perfume and spray it on my pillow after i’ve humped it every night before bed.”

“What can i say it’s going to be hard but to see the smile on Mistress’ face, hear Her laugh and those wonderful words good boy it will all be worth it.”

“Thank You Mistress.”