Diary of a piss cake fucker

I’ve recently given one of My turds the task of providing Me with his thoughts and feelings about our adventures together. He’s kinda new so I wanted him to start a record of how he was feeling when we first met and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Chapter Three – Perfume and Pillows


“This week was Mistress’ Birthday …”

“and a month since O/our first ever meeting.”

“Its felt kind of special for me to celebrate my Mistress’ birthday for the first time but i was also set a few tasks which would certainly make Mistress become more entrenched in my mind and certainly enrich my daily routine for Her.”

“As my pervious blog stated i was given the task of evening pillow humping before bed, which i had mixed feelings about as i had been a horny mess ever since being locked up at the end of our first session.  The second task was to purchase some of the perfume Mistress uses so i could smell Her wonderful aroma constantly, this i also had mixed feelings about as i think smell is a very provocative sense but i was also encaptured by this task. Mistress knew exactly what She was doing, this was designed to get under my skin, to think about Her all the time and i liked that a lot.”

“i purchased the perfume on the eve of Her birthday and it wasn’t the easiest of purchases, especially after a few days of pillow humping.  Straining in my chastity device as the shop assistant tried to up sell me a bottle that you’d need to re-mortgage your house for, i was wondering if they were thinking “is this for him or is he a tight ass boyfriend” and i was going bright red.”

“i had planned to make Mistress a birthday video for the morning of Her birthday. i send a daily picture of me locked up so thought i’d make it a birthday special. i had brought candles, cake, sparklers and balloons. i had an idea but as it wasn’t a task, i had no idea how Mistress would react.”

“That evening i was ready, pillow humping and perfume on my pillow and then bed. i had planned to get up early so i could send my birthday tributes and make my video for Mistress to wake up to. i needn’t have set an alarm, sleeping in Mistress’ aroma and waking up raging in my chastity cage i was up early! i jumped straight to action, i sent my tributes, PayPal and Amazon, i can’t send messages on PayPal but i can with an Amazon gift card.”

“my video was next, i blew up all the balloons i had, got a cupcake ready with one candle in it and sparklers, then i rigged up a method for the balloons to drop. i got my chastity key from its frozen water bottle and placed a candle on its top, then i blue tacked a candle to my chastity device and with wrote happy birthday on my chest i recorded Mistress a birthday message.”

“i don’t know what Mistress thought of it as she never really said but she laughed when She received it and that’s all that mattered, this was Her day as is every day.”

“Thank You Mistress for being You.”