Diary of a piss cake fucker

I’ve recently given one of My turds the task of providing Me with his thoughts and feelings about our adventures together. He’s kinda new so I wanted him to start a record of how he was feeling when we first met and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Chapter Two – Chastity


“As i write this blog it has been 16 days and 2 hours 35 minutes (not that i’m counting) since Mistress has locked me in chastity after our first meeting just over two weeks ago.  It has been an eventful few weeks.”

“After meeting Mistress Scarlet Graves my journey home was very eventful, at the train station i was all fuzzy in sub space and completely forgot i was in chastity and openly went to the urinal in the public toilet.  As i realised it was too late and i just had to front it out, much to my blushes.  Then half way through the train journey a lot of football fans got on and as i sat there amongst the male bravado and testosterone my mind was awash of just being fucked like a bitch and having handed over my cock to Mistress.  It was a very strange hour.”

“my first week went by with a certain ease, i’d been lucky enough to be allowed release when i met Mistress, so the mornings were generally the only problem (as always with chastity).”

“Mistress has been very kind and allowed me a certain level of communication and guided me well through cleaning and relocking.  my frozen water bottle with the spare key and Her wax seal (from the original envelope my key was in) has become part of my weekly routine and a symbol of who owns me.  If you have read my first blog you will know how enamored i am with Mistress Scarlet Graves but the second week of chastity as the frustration started to creep in was a constant reminder of who is the boss and has just been pushing me deeper into Her control and Her World.”

“As we go into week three things seem to have gone up a level, I’m now feeling Her wonderful control and feel myself slipping down the rabbit hole to never return.  Last night was a very restless night.  Frustration, constant reminders of Mistress, thinking about what has passed and what is to come.”

“i have thrown myself at Mistress and offered Her my complete submission, i can’t help but be weak under Her amazing spell.  There’s still quite a few weeks to go until i am honoured with meeting Her again and the way i’m currently feeling it’s going to be a long few weeks and i’ll be at Her mercy even more than i am now.”

“i’ve decided to get a custom fit metal device to prove my worth to Mistress and show how committed i am to Her because She is all that i’ve dreamed of and i want my chastity to be hassle free for Her (rather than dealing with cleaning days).  She owns it and i deal with it, with honour, complete respect and in awe of how amazing She is.”

“Thank You for being You Mistress.”