Other Dimensions

Maybe you require conditioning via clips and imagery or wish to admire from a far, whatever the case maybe, here are some links to My clipstores and subscription sites.

I do take custom orders for clips and welcome them, however, I do not accept orders with strict scripts, I hate being dictated to, especially if you’re going to be obvious about it. Leave the art to the artist if you enjoy their style. A theme and description of your concept is enough.

Contact Me via email to arrange your own custom visual experience.

feeding the machine


My AVN STARS profile is home to some of My full length clips, mini clips, exclusive AVN only content, BTS posts, photo sets, tasks plus a bunch more stuff.


My IWC store is home to all of My full length clips featuring all kinds of fetishes and kinks, now being regularly uploaded to every week, you can also place a custom order though My store here.


My Patreon offers different benefits for all tiers. Tiers start from $1 to gain access to uncensored and exclusive Patreon only posts. I also post photo sets here and allow a deeper insight into My work and life here through blog posts.

Other benefits for higher paying pledges include a monthly print club delivered to your door, discounts on commissions and shop items.


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