A tour of past works…

Before I became a Dominatrix, I worked as a full time freelance illustrator for a number of years. Featuring in a number of publications and exhibitions, doing all kinds of creative projects from designing merch to creating and installing huge murals at conventions and for commercial businesses. Here you will find a collection I have put together of previous artworks and projects I have worked on over the years.

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Assorted Works

A collection of some of My artwork over the years.

I am a mixed media artist, My preferences are with ink and paint but don’t find as much time to put into that medium these days so I tend to work digitally a lot.

Rise & Shine

In this project I wanted to celebrate and give visibility to trans bodies. I took old iconic tattoo designs made by the likes of Sailor Jerry, Stoney St. Clair and Tex Rowe to name a few. Something I noticed when doing My research was the lack of black and brown bodies too. Anyone that was meant to be of a different ethnicity was still portrayed as white. There were no difference in body shapes. So I wanted to take these old designs and update them to feel inclusive, to celebrate the diversity around us and to normalize trans bodies.